About the Journal

Ageing and Cancer Research & Treatment (Print ISSN: 2972-4759  Online ISSN: 2972-4767) is an international open access journal published by Globasci Publishing House Pte. Ltd. The journal is dedicated to the promulgation of research addressing how ageing affects carcinogenesis and host-tumour interactions in humans and experimental models. Basic, translational and clinical cancer research from genes to molecules to tissues and organs in the context of ageing will be considered.

Aims and Scope

The aims of the journal are to contribute to the better understanding of cancer in the ageing host and to improved treatment of the older adult. As the global population ages, the incidence of age-associated non-communicable disease will ineluctably also rise, with all the associated health care challenges, especially in low- and middle-income countries. ACRT will consider all types of papers in broad sections headed by the Associate Editors dealing with the impact of ageing on global cancer health care, carcinogenesis, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, and phytotherapy. Papers dealing with any aspects of basic, preclinical, translational and clinical cancer research in ageing hosts will be welcome.