Congratulations on New Member Joining!


Congratulations on new scholars' participation. We are glad to share the good news that six scholars joined the BME Horizon as the Editorial Board Members.

Dr.Shahid Hussain, whose research interests include Nanomaterials and Gas-Sensors;

Dr. Chris W. Zhang, whose research field covers: Energy-based ablation of tumors; Microfluidics for medical diagnosis and cell cultures (LOC, OOC, active ECM); Drug delivery; Bio-robotics.

Dr. Bing Guo, his current research focuses on the development of functional materials for molecular imaging probes and nanomedicines. 

Dr. Rifang Luo, his research interests include Biomimetic Materials, Cardiovascular materials/devices, Surface modification, and Engineered cell-membrane coatings.

Dr. Hongbo Chen, his research interests include Exosomes, Exosomal-like nanovesicles, CRISPR high-throughput genetic library screening platform, Cancer Nanomedicine, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, and Immunomodulatory drugs.

Dr. ZELIHA SELAMOGLU, whose research interests include Tyrosine hydroxylase (TH), stress, oxidative stress, hypertension, antioxidants, selenium, propolis, pollen, apitherapy, honey bee products, and natural products.

Hope we can have a successful collaboration in the future and commit together to disseminating high-quality scientific achievements, promoting innovation and development in materials science.

We welcome all interested scholars to join us and make joint endeavors to help authors around the world to improve connections with other research groups and provide readers with fast access to articles.