Article Processing Charge

Open access provides free and immediate online access to scholarly literature for global people to read, distribute, and reuse. Globasci Publishing House Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter refers as Globasci Publishing), as an open-access publisher, offsets all the costs associated with our publishing services through article processing charges (APCs). Articles accepted for publication by our external editors following rigorous peer review incur a publishing fee charged to authors or institutions. APCs are the sole stream of revenue for Globasci Publishing’s journal publishing program.

Authors and institutions with insufficient funding are eligible for discounts on their article processing charges, provided their article passes our transparent, independent and rigorous peer review, allowing every researcher to benefit from open-access publication.

Our APC rates are highly competitive and enable us to provide much more humanized services for our authors, editors, and readers. APCs pay for the people who run our editorial programs, build our technology, and deliver all publishing services. APCs also allow us to continually re-invest in growing our journal portfolio.

Globasci Publishing chooses the open-access business model to enable us to publish high quality, influential academic journals. We expect to get good grades in the journal citation report and citation rating in the future.

APCs of Globasci Publishing

The following (Table1) is our APCs. Globasci Publishing’s APCs are charged by the pound.

                                                             Table 1 Globasci Publishing House Pte. Ltd. Journals APCs

Journal Title


BME Horizon


Empathic Computing



What our APCs cover

Journal operations

Our journal teams manage every aspect of journal operations and growth, from editorial board management, to commissioning high-quality content, handling article collections, and supporting our editors.


Production costs include typesetting and copy-editing, assignment of persistent identifiers, journal indexing, archiving in all relevant academic and national databases.


We can support our authors, reviewers, and editors by disseminating and promoting their research through different social media, article alerts, our official news site, and by organizing and sponsoring conference events.

General administration

APCs also cover general operations, including human resources and accounting, as well as costs of administrative functions and office rental.