About the Journal

TheĀ Computational Biomedicine Journal is an open-access multidisciplinary Journal publishing on computational methodologies and biomedical science. In response to the most recent developments and trends in this dynamic field, the journal focuses on cutting-edge research that employs computational techniques such as bioinformatics, data analysis, modeling, simulation, AI and machine learning to study biomedicines, disease and therapeutics approaches.

Some specific areas include:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in biology and medicine;
  2. AI-based biomedical data analysis;
  3. Computational platforms, models, and algorithms for biomedicine;
  4. Natural language processing and data mining in healthcare;
  5. Intelligent and process-aware information systems in medicine;
  6. Software and algorithms for bioinformatics, computational biology, and medicine;
  7. Biomedical applications, including AI-assisted drug design and development;
  8. Mathematical modeling, simulation, proteomics, and genomics.