Review Process

Peer Review Process

The journal follows a double-blind peer-review process, which means that the identities of both authors and reviewers are concealed in the review. Each article will be assigned to at least two independent reviewers, and then the Editor-in-Chief or another Academic Editor approved by the Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the final decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript.


New submissions are initially checked by the Managing Editor:

  • Assessing the suitability of the manuscript to the journal/section/special issue;
  • Assessing the qualifications and background of the authors;
  • Rejecting obvious poor manuscripts;
  • Checking for plagiarism using industry-standard iThenticate software.

The Academic Editor, i.e., the Editor-in-Chief in the case of regular submissions, or Guest Editor in the case of Special Issue submissions, or an Editorial Board Member in the case of a conflict of interest, will be notified of the submission and invited to check and recommend reviewers.